Paulo Carvalho

I'm a post-doc in the Human-Computer Interaction Institute at Carnegie Mellon University. My research lies at the intersection of cognitive, learning, and computational sciences. I am interested in how learning results from the interplay among multiple regularities in complex environments where multiple variables are simultaneously changing. My approach is to develop models of learning and test them against human behavior in complex environments, both in the laboratory and the more complex natural environments of classrooms. The ultimate aim is to gain a better understanding of the learning process to develop fine-grained learning theories and models that can support effective educational interventions.

You can find more about my research and my current projects in the Research and Publications sections.

You can contact me by emailing me: pcarvalh at cs dot cmu dot edu. I rarely tweet.

(If you are wondering how to pronounce my last name, it sounds like karr-vah-you. The “lh” is a consonant that sounds like the ‘ll’ in the english word ‘million’, if you were to really stretch it out)